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Hi, I'm Jeffrey Silverman, Senior Manager, Advanced Analytics at Zoom

My headshot, circa January 2022. I'm currently Senior Manager, Advanced Analytics at Zoom, and was previously Director, Data Science & Analytics at Samba TV after going through the Insight Data Science Fellows Program. Find me on LinkedIn!

Formerly I was a research astrophysicist at the University of Texas at Austin and at the University of California - Berkeley (where I received my PhD; here's my thesis). There I led the development of the SuperNova DataBase (SNDB) (used by astronomers around the world from 2005 through 2015). See Section 4 of this paper for more information regarding the SNDB.

I have also given many public presentations on astronomy including longer ones on my research, as well as more abridged versions. And I sometimes give media interviews like this one from "They Blinded Me With Science," on KVRX (91.7) in September of 2013, and this interview from "The Graduates," on KALX (90.7) in April 2008 (which won an award).

A cool picture of M100.

This is a cool picture I took of M100 (a spiral galaxy like the Milky Way) in February 2007, using the Keck Telescope (one of the largest optical telescopes in the world) on the Big Island of Hawaii. It's by far the coolest astronomy picture that I've ever taken.

             A cool picture of the moon.

This is a cool picture I took of part of the moon in May 2002, using the Brazos Bend State Park observatory just outside Houston, TX. It's the second coolest astronomy picture that I've taken to date.

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